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Branch of Russian "Music of Life" fund to open in London

A ceremony of the institution of the British branch of the Russian "Music of Life" Fund will take place in London on Thursday.

As a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Great Britain told RIA Novosti, the ceremony will be part of the events devoted to the 50th anniversary of the USSR's entry into the UNESCO.

On this occasion a concert will be given with the participation of outstanding opera singer Maria Gulegina and the UNESCO World Children's Chorus whose members are professional singers and musically gifted disabled children from Russia and Great Britain.

"This performance will be a vivid example of the work of the Fund and what it gives to disabled children with musical talents," the spokesman said.

The Russian "Music of Life" charity Fund has been helping disabled children for the nearly past ten years to develop their musical talents and to take part in concerts with well-known symphony orchestras and classical music performers. Every year, the Fund organises gala-concerts jointly with the UNESCO World Children's Chorus.

The Fund has rendered assistance, according to the spokesman, to more than 3,000 children in Russia and other countries. In 2002, it was decided to spread the Fund's activity to Great Britain. The ceremony of the opening of the British branch will be held in the Russian embassy.

World famous Moncerrat Caballe, Placido Domingo and Russian conductor Valery Gergiyev have expressed their support of the Fund's activity and the desire to cooperate with it. The Fund has started a new project jointly with the Royal Music Academy of Great Britain. It provides for teaching disabled children by well-known musicians.