Russian and American csientists jointly to explore Arctic Ocean

Russian and American scientists will jointly explore the Arctic ocean this summer.

Alexander Danilov, deputy director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, said that the agreement was reached during the two-day working meeting in St.Petersburg.

In August the Arctic explorers in the Russian iceboat The Kapitan Dranitsyn will set out from Murmansk to the Laptevykh sea. The expedition will last about a month and specialists will take readings from autonomous gages in two buoy stations and carry out additional observations.

It will be the third joint Russian-American expedition, Danilov said. The joint project will be continued next year.

The research work will help in understanding the role of the ocean in climatic changes. "We know better what is happening with the atmosphere, while the ocean has been understudied. Measurements will help scientists to now more about how Atlantic heat is spread on the Arctic Ocean and which affects the ice cover - water or the atmosphere", Danilov said.

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