Russian scientists to develop test-system to diagnose evian influenza

Russian virologists are engaged in development of a test system to diagnose with maximum accuracy Evian influenza manifestations both in hens and humans.

In his interview to RIA Novosti German Shipulin, head of the laboratory of the Central Scientific and research institute of epidemiology stated that "they were hopeful to obtain first test-system results in the next two-three weeks." The scientist reported that after that they would carry out the first clinical tests on affected poultry.

Shipulin stated that in three-four months it would be possible to start batch production of test systems and to equip with them all State Sanitary and Epidemic Control centers of the Russian Federation to differentiate at early stages (from 2 to 4 days) between an ordinary influenza and the Evian one.

The scientist indicated that in addition to that test-systems to diagnose Evian influenza were required by veterinary services to control poultry imported into the country and state of domestic poultry farms.

He didn't exclude that the Russian system of Evian influenza diagnostics could be tested in the countries where cases of Evian influenza affecting poultry and humans were registered.

Shipulin reported that while developing test systems the laboratory used control strains of the Evian influenza virus stored in collections of Russian institutes.

The scientist pointed out that systems to diagnose SARS developed by specialists of the Central Scientific and Research institute of epidemiology were performing with 95-98% of accuracy.

According to the World Health Organization, Evian influenza was registered in 10 countries of the world. 16 people died as a result of it in Thailand and Vietnam. Dozens of millions of hens were killed in Asian countries because of the Evian influenza epidemics.

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