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Elderly Russian scientist to rejuvenate his body through stem cells transplantation

Russian scientists will conduct an experiment on rejuvenation and life extension, biophysicist Andrei Karnaukhov said.

Karnaukhov is going to test the stem cell transplantation technology, which he has successfully conducted on laboratory rodents, on himself.

In a Moscow clinic, the scientist will receive a costly operation to extract stem cells from bone marrow. After 10 years, the researcher will receive a second surgery, in which he will have his healthy stem cells implanted back in his body. Prior to the surgery, the scientist's stem cells will be preserved in a repository of cryomaterials.

The scientist is 55 years now. This is a maximum allowable age for such surgical procedures.

Technically, it is expected that after the re-implantation of stem cells in the body, the scientist will again look as if he is 55 years of age. The effect from the surgery will last for several decades.

According to the researchers, chances for the scientist's body to recover after the second surgery are 95 percent.


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