Hackers steal major cyber weapons from USA

Shadow Brokers hacker group announced that they have obtained the cyber weapons of the US National Security Agency.

The hackers said they were able to detect and hack Equation Group hacker group, which is associated with the NSA. Shadow Brokers hackers also said that they obtained the malware used for cyber-espionage.

The hackers proved their words by exposing links to examples of the source code of the stolen programs. According to The New York Times, most computer security experts, who studied the statement from Shadow Brokers, concluded that their statements could be true to fact.

The malware that the hackers obtained was mentioned in secret documents of the NSA, which Edward Snowden made public three years ago.

Thus, Shadow Brokers made a part of the stolen software accessible and promised to sell the rest to those who offer a good price. The hackers also stated that Equation Group did not know what programs were stolen exactly. They hope that the people who created those cyber weapons would take part in the auction themselves.

The possible hacking of NSA systems and the theft of cyber weapons has not been confirmed by US authorities yet.

The exposed source code dates from the middle of 2013, when the NSA closed many of its servers and transferred data to new ones after the revelations made by Edward Snowden.

According to former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden, Russian hackers could be involved in the attack on the server of the US National Security Agency. "Circumstantial evidence and conventional wisdom indicates Russian responsibility," Snowden wrote on his Twitter.


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