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Amazon issues spying device to bug everything you say

Amazon releases smart device, called Amazon Echo, that will be able to constantly bug all the conversations held in the house.

The approximately 12-inch-tall, 3-inch-wide black cylindrical device is part microphone, part computer, that can hear you from anywhere in the room.

"I can have the water running, I can be cooking, the TV can be on in the back room, and she still can hear me," one user said.

It can also communicate with you, as it fixes key words and chooses appropriate response to your questions.

The technology also has wi-fi connection and can search for some data in the internet.

Echo can help you make a grocery list, provide timely news, control your lights, set timers, keep appointments and even provide timely traffic reports for commuters - all information that can be useful to anyone snooping on you.

Some experts claim, that given its internet connectivity, the device could serve as a surveillance device to anyone who has the ability to hack into it.

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