Giant pandas not as sweet as they seem to be

Giant pandas not as sweet as they seem to be. 46295.jpegIn China's  Sichuan province, local zoologists saw a giant panda eating meat in the forest. The  animal that normally eats bamboo shoots or other succulent herbs and young shoots was seen gnawing  wild cow bones, Korrespondent wrote.

The startled scientists decided to mount a surveillance camera in the forest to observe the behavior of the animal. It is still unknown what made the panda eat flesh, said ATN.

At the end of August 2011 in the U.S. city of Flagstaff an advertisement appeared warning the local residents about aggressive pandas. Later it turned out that the information was a joke made by hackers.

The electronic sign, on which the warning appeared, was installed on one of the streets. The sign originally carried the message saying that there was no left turn at the nearest intersection. Hackers connected to the sign and changed the announcement. The warning about aggressive pandas was showing for a few hours.