Obama Forced to Address End-of-Life Care Topic

End-of-life care is the topic that President Barack Obama finds himself forced to address as he markets his health-care plan around the country this week. Democrats and Republicans are alleging hypocrisy by the other party as they debate how to pay the costs that attend citizens’ last days and hours , Bloomberg reports.

Meanwhile, the term "ObamaCare" has been appearing in the Tribune. The term is an obvious and blatant attempt to politicize the discussion regarding health care and paint it as though one man, President Obama, was trying to foist health care upon all of us. In fact, over the last 40 years, we have allowed the Congress of the United States to utterly ignore this subject, while the costs of our nation's health care have spiraled out of control with devastating results. During that time the cost of health care per American has tripled, now consumes 17 percent of our gross national product and continues to balloon , Chicago Tribune reports.

However, in another video, a physician on the president's staff takes aim at the suggestion that Obama would ration healthcare, arguing that insurance companies already do that.
House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) said the site is "full of errors, misstatements and falsehoods." For example, he said the White House is wrong to say that people would be able to keep their current insurance plans if they wanted to.
White House officials "don't know how many employers are going to drop their coverage altogether if their plan goes into effect," Boehner said , Los Angeles Times reports.