Health Care Should Be Provided as Service by Government

I got a thoughtful and important question on my quip that health care should be provided as a service provided by government like education, roads and a robust military.

I really did not want to get into this health care debate but the emailed question was provocative so I feel it deserved a a thoughtful answer albeit many would disagree with me , San Francisco Chronicle reports.

However, I've been watching footage of the town hall follies play out across the country as congressional representatives on summer recess head home to their constituents, some of whom apparently do not like President Barack Obama's push for health care reform. At all.
No, it is tyranny. Or socialism. Definitely un-American, and possibly - cover the children's ears! - Canadian. ,Baltimore Sun reports.

After Congress adjourned for its annual August recess, many lawmakers were welcomed home by boisterous protests from opponents of healthcare reform. There's more than a whiff of ersatz outrage -- the backlash apparently has been orchestrated by GOP partisans who think that blocking the overhaul will help them derail the rest of President Obama’s agenda . Nevertheless, the protesters' ability to overrun town meetings reflects how small a stake most attendees feel they have in the reform effort and how skeptical people are about the need for fundamental changes to the way healthcare is provided and financed , Los Angeles Times reports.