Doctors Warn Young People Away from Tanning Beds

Myrtle Jones of Raleigh has been soaking up rays for almost 60 years and doesn't plan on stopping -- not even in the face of a new report that moves tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation into the top category of cancer risk , News & Observer reports.

Meanwhile, doctors have tried warning young people away from tanning beds for years, but their threats of skin cancer typically fell on deaf (but bronzed) ears. Until yesterday, that is, when it seems something clicked , reports.

Researchers also found a person's risk of skin cancer jumps 75% when they use tanning beds before the age of 30. Doctor Lloyd says these bulbs and beds should be treated like a pack of cigarettes. "I think they should be banned in general. It's like cigarette smoke. We know that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, so we know tanning beds cause skin cancer. They should have the same warning labels." , WYTV reports.

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