New Swine Flu Diagnoses 10 Per Cent Rise

Up until now cases have been doubling weekly, but there was just a 10 per cent rise in the estimated new swine flu diagnoses in the seven days until July 26th.

An estimated one in every 158 people in England are thought to have had swine flu since the outbreak began in England at the end of April , reports.

"These deaths are a tragic reminder of how serious flu can be for some people," the department said in a news release late Thursday.

The department describes the latest victims as a 20-year-old from Norfolk County, a 21-year-old from Hampden County and a 53-year-old from Essex County , Xinhua reports.

Meanwhile, a visitor to Spokane who had multiple underlying health conditions died on July 16 from complications linked to H1N1 influenza (swine flu), the first reported H1N1 death in Spokane County. The woman was in her 40s and was hospitalized at the time of death. Tests from the Washington State Department of Health’s lab confirmed the H1N1 virus on July 28 , Cheney Free Press reports.