Microsoft Finalizes Windows 7

Microsoft on Wednesday said it has finalized the code, paving the way for the software to make its way onto retail shelves and new PCs in time for its October 22 launch.

The software maker is hoping the response to the new operating system differs from the lukewarm reviews and compatibility challenges that marked the release of Windows Vista, which hit the market in January 2007. In contrast to Vista, Windows 7 has been marked by the company consistently hitting its deadlines and receiving largely positive feedback along the way, CNET News reports.

Meanwhile, Windows Server 2008 R2 will be generally available on of before October 22 date, the company said Wednesday afternoon.

Before then, Windows Server 2008 R2 will be released for evaluation in the first half of August with full product available to volume customers with a Software Assurance subscription in the second half of August, Register reports.

In the meantime Steve Guggenheimer, vice president of the OEM division at Microsoft has said that people will look back on Vista after the Windows 7 release and realize that there were actually a bunch of good things there. He thinks that in two years' time people will have a 'better perception' of Vista.

Guggenheimer pointed out that Vista sorted out a lot of its problems when it bought in Service Pack One but by then the damage was done to its reputation.

He said that there will be scenarios where Vista will be important to companies. And the fact that they upgraded to Vista first will make the transition to Windows 7 much easier than those who hung on to Windows XP, TG Daily reports.