Swine Flu Spreads in Summer Camps

Camp directors are battling more than unruly youngsters this summer. They have been contending with outbreaks of what they think is the swine flu.

Some area camps, as well as ones outside the region that host large numbers of youngsters from the area, report sending home dozens of campers who have exhibited flulike symptoms.

Pennsylvania health officials say they know of 10 to 20 camps in the state that have had a high-enough incidence of the flu to warrant control measures such as isolating campers or sending them home, Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

While regular flu all but disappears in the summer, swine flu is spreading, and more than 50 summer camps in 20 states have sent kids home early or canceled sessions after suspected outbreaks.

Most cases have been mild, but they have deprived campers and parents of a cherished summertime tradition , The Associated Press reports.

Three summer camps in Ontario's Muskoka region have been hit by an outbreak of swine flu, health officials said Wednesday.

As of July 13, 227 children and 61 staff members had been confirmed with the H1N1 virus, the majority of whom had been sent home, said Bill Mindell, director of clinical services for the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit.

Despite the menacing sounding name of the public health directive, Mindell said it just means camps are being more vigilant about sick campers. The camps are also taking extra precautions in regards to cleanliness; providing hand rinse basins in dining halls and washing laundry in high heat , Canada.com reports.