NASA aiming for Wednesday Endeavour launch, try 6

NASA is hoping the weather finally cooperates for its sixth launch attempt for space shuttle Endeavour.

Endeavour is poised to take off for the international space station early Wednesday evening, along with seven astronauts. Forecasters put the odds of good weather at 60 percent, The Associated Press reports.

On both Sunday and Monday the crew boarded Endeavour and waited, lying on their backs in the small shuttle's crew cabin for hours before their liftoff plans were foiled by weather.

Tuesday is a much-needed rest and recuperation day for the spaceflyers, who are due to try to blast off again Wednesday at 6:03 p.m. EDT (2203 GMT).

"Taking it easy today," commander Mark Polansky wrote Tuesday morning on Twitter. "Two scrubs in a row take a little out of you physically. I'll fly some shuttle landings tonight," according to