Aliph releases new Jawbone model

Aliph exposed a new version of its Jawbone bluetooth headset today. The new version replaces the original Jawbone and promises a smaller, lighter design with upgraded noise-canceling technology.

In a series of calls plus 15 voicemail tests, the New Jawbone sounded full-bodied, warm, and detailed—and, with the noise canceling circuitry engaged, there was no background noise whatsoever.

Incoming audio performance was described as "crisp and articulate, if a bit tinny."

The new Jawbone retails for $129, but their corporate website has not yet been updated to reflect the new device as of this writing.

Jawbone is a brand of Bluetooth headset made by Aliph, a company based in San Francisco, founded by Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman.

Jawbone is paired to a mobile phone, PDA or computer to enable wireless communication utilizing Bluetooth, a technology that provides a way to securely connect and exchange information between devices over a globally unlicensed short-range radio frequency.

The Jawbone headset is available in red, black, or silver.