Every CinemaNow's customer can now download films via cell phones

CinemaNow, a World Wide Web-based digital video distribution company, has offered a new service. Now everyone can download films through a mobile phone.

The service is called CinemaNow Mobile and allows you to use your phone to download movies to your computer. It will allow you to browse the same CinemaNow video selection, watch trailers, make purchases and have the video download at any of your PC's.

The CinemaNow library contains approximately 10,000 feature-length films, shorts, music concerts and television programs from more than 250 licensors, including 20th Century Fox, ABC News, Disney, Endemol, MGM, Miramax, NBC Universal, Sony, Warner Bros., Sundance Channel, Koch Entertainment, and Lions Gate Entertainment.

It’s highly convenient for customers as they can remotely download any movies through their cell phones. You don't have to wait until they're fully downloaded to start watching. This seems like a marginal time-saver at best.

The only drawback is that you can’t download it to your cell phone, only through, but this is the next goal the company is after.

Photo: www.tjoos.com