US Air Force Cyber Command is working out cyberspace safety technologies

The Air Force Cyber Command (AFCYBER) is now working out capabilities to defend the national infrastructures and attack enemy forces.

AFCYBER is the newest United States Air Force major command whose development was announced by the Secretary of the Air Force on November 2, 2006.

Originally designated to stand up around Summer 2007, but pushed back to Mid-2008, AFCYBER will draw upon the personnel resources of the 67th Network Warfare Wing as well as other resources of the Eighth Air Force. It will be placed under the command of Major General William T. Lord.

The aim of the command is to provide forces that the President, combatant commanders and the American people can rely on for preserving the freedom of access and commerce, in air, space and now cyberspace.

Physical attacks can be now blended with denial of service, confidential data loss, data manipulation, and system integrity loss.

But the reverse of the medal is that these technologies can be easily used against the Americans, who seem to depend upon cyberspace very much.