Telltale Games adapts Sam & Max for Wii

A video game developer, Telltale Games, confirmed previous plans to release the first season of Sam & Max games on Wii in North America and Europe.

Due to the numerous unresolved hardware and software problems suffered by these titles in their original MS Windows release, Telltale have also expressed early this year interest in bringing the title to the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii consoles, and recently hired a programmer for the Wii. Telltale officially announced a Wii version of Sam & Max Season One on April 4, 2008 with a projected release later that year.

As with Telltale's series of games based on the Bone comics, the games are being created with close co-operation of the creator of the characters. Although many Telltale employees previously worked on Sam & Max Freelance Police (the canceled LucasArts game), this new game is unrelated in its content.