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BioMarker Pharmaceuticals offers Gene Essence test

Do you want to get your personalized genetic information? Address BioMarker Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

A privately-held pharmaceutical company offers a new service – Gene Essence(TM) test. If you “want to find out how your genes can affect your health, and what makes you different from everybody else, take the first step towards discovering who you are” and visit

Gene Essence Report™ is based on the most recent and comprehensive data on gene discoveries. DNA is analyzed using the latest in DNA technology – a DNA “chip” containing millions of DNA probes. It provides each customer with genotyping results and consists of a large number of SNP associations to various diseases and conditions. The report will be frequently updated, as the new SNP association research data becomes available.

The genetic test and Gene Essence Report™ will show you how genes influence your health and react to the environment.