Pomeranian puppy stolen from Naperville pet store

A small “baby-puppy” was stolen Friday from a Naperville pet store. The police started investigation.

A $1,500 Pomeranian puppy being only 2 month old and weighing 2 pounds was guilefully carried out of the store under a shirt. A man aged 18 – 22 distracted an employee asking for a chance to see a dog. While the employee fulfilled his request the man hurried out of the shop with a plunder.

The police supposed that the theft wasn’t organized to sell the dog but to give it as a present to a family member or friend.

The police think that it won’t take much time to find a thief thanks to the shop’s surveillance cameras and a microchip implanted into the puppy’s skin. The only concern for now is the condition of the puppy, as it’s very small it requires special treatment.

Photo: www.dogbreedinfo.com