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Minimally interrupted cardiac resuscitation proved effective in case of cardiac arrest

New technique of restarting a stalled heart when there is no sign of a hospital or any medical help can save a lot of lives.

Minimally interrupted cardiac resuscitation (MIRC) is claimed to be more effective than standard emergency measures and the numbers prove it: 9.1% against 3.8% in case of cardiac arrest and 28.4% against 12% in case of both cardiac arrest and chaotic heartbeat.

The new method requires near-constant chest compression that intensifies blood flow and provides sufficient blood to the heart and the brain.

The theory was proved by a study, done in two Arizona cities. 2,460 people with cardiac arrest took part in it - 1,799 of them got treatment before emergency personnel learned MIRC.

Only 69 of those pre-MIRC patients survived, while the number of the survived after MIRC was 60 of the 661 people (Actually the results resemble those got 2 years ago, when MIRC had first trial).

The only handicap is that this method requires training, learning significantly different rules.