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Sexually transmitted diseases rage among US teens

The study of sexually transmitted diseases in a new age group showed shattering results: it turned out that at least one in four U.S. teenage girls has the venereal disease, or in other words about 3 million teens are contracted.

According to the study, a virus that causes cervical cancer remains the most common type of sexually transmitted infection. The most vulnerable group is the black (nearly half of them are infected), the rate among white and Mexican-American teens constitutes 20%.

The study is the data of 838 participants who agreed to go through a 2003-04 government health survey. There were done some tests for any type of infection and they revealed that about 18 percent of girls had cervical cancer; 4 percent had chlamydia; 2.5 percent had trichomoniasis and 2 percent had herpes simplex virus.

The study actually presents quite a dark picture but actually spurs the nation to think about the growing generation and find out more valuable ways to control and prevent STDs.

This illness has a significant probability of transmission by means of sexual contact, including vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex. Some STIs can also be transmitted via the needles used in IV drug use, as well as through childbirth or breastfeeding.

The most recommended thing in such cases is screening that is usually underused because many teens don't think they're at risk. Sometimes doctors think either, that may lead to crucial mistakes.