Flu can be avoided: it’s up to you

In parts of the United States, influenza is peaking, and while this year's vaccine isn't as effective as usual, the flu's misery can be avoided.

Nancy Cox of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's influenza division said the flu epidemic is up in 49 states with a dozen new deaths among children.

Though a flu season's duration can't be predicted, "the latest numbers suggest we may be nearing the peak," Cox said in a statement. This year's vaccine covers only one of the three active flu types, leaving people with less protection against two of the circulating strains.

Dr. Mark Moyad, a immune health expert at the University of Michigan, said that in addition to proper nutrition and regular exercise there are things people can do to avoid the flu. There are some recommendations: 1) one should wash hands and carry hand sanitizer at all times; 2) take 500 to 1,000 mgs daily of vitamin C/Ester-C; 3) stay hydrated; drinking fluids helps flush out impurities in the system; 4) avoid direct contact with anyone who is sick and stay home if sick; 5) sleep; being rested is one of the body's best defense mechanisms.

This simple guidance is easy to follow and it can help greatly

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Author`s name: Editorial Team