New study finds that cell phones influence sperms viability

Since the introduction of mobile phones, concerns have been raised about the potential health impacts from regular use. The new study adds to them.

The study out of Cleveland reviews the link between cell phones and sperm quality. It was stated that men who speak more than 4 hours per day has significantly less viable sperm.

361 men under the age of 40 participated in this study. All the men were divided on 2 groups according to their daily cell phone usage. As a result, those men who talked more than four hours a day had abnormally formed sperm.

The researchers presupposed that the reason could be a thermal effect, as heat is known to have adverse effects on male fertility. It was also discovered that sperm left sitting next to a cell phone in talk more for an hour showed a decrease in quality.

Study of the University of Segeda, Hungary, showed that mobile phones carried in pockets of pants and/or worn on belts could result in loss of quantity and quality of active sperm cells by men. This fact may not be true, especially in wealthier countries such as Australia, the UK, and the US.