Delawareans fell victim to flu bug

Delaware's Division of Public Health reported 323 flu cases during the first full week of February. From the beginning of October through the end of January, there were about 200 reported cases.
Numbers from last week won't be out until later this week, but there have been no signs the infection rate is slowing down.

After being dormant for three months, the flu bug now is working overtime. Children are being sent home from school and workers are using up sick days. Doctor's office appears to be the busiest. Hospitals see rise in cases.

Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that the vaccine is a good match for about 40% of this year's flu viruses. In good years, the vaccine can fend off up to 90 % of flu bugs.

Delaware was one of 44 states that has reported widespread flu activity. The numbers aren't considered alarming, because February is the time of year when flu cases tend to peak.

The vast majority of confirmed cases were Type A, the most common and virulent. The flu lasts about a week. Health officials cannot say whether the flu season has already hit its peak.

Not everyone is suffering from the flu, perhaps because of the vaccine.

AstraZeneca reported that it hadn't seen any anecdotal evidence of a higher number of absentees last week.

United Electric Co. in New Castle , which has more than 100 workers, also hasn't seen an increase in sick workers, said Gayle Davis, vice president of human resources.

The seniors at the Milford Center in Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, a 136-bed nursing home, have remained healthy. Most of them got the shot.

Staff and visitors still are reminded of the importance of washing their hands before entering and after leaving a resident's room.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team