Elderly woman from New Zealand believed killed in Moscow

It seems like an elderly woman from New Zealand was killed in Russia, officials said Monday.

Pamela Crane, 76, who had traveled to Russia on a British passport from Auckland, New Zealand, was last seen at a Moscow hotel where she was staying on May 29, said a spokesperson for the British Embassy in Moscow.

A body has been found that is believed to be Crane's, the official said.

"A forensic examination still has to be made, but all the evidence indicates that it is Pamela," the spokesperson said. The official refused to say how, when or where the death occured, citing the sensitivity of the issue.

The official said both Russian and New Zealand police were treating the case as a "suspicious death."

Moscow police had no immediate comment on the case.

Crane, whose occupation is listed as teacher, had lived in New Zealand for 30 years and has family there.