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Аt the web-site of the enterprise «Severny Reid» you can get acquainted with the souvenir sanples of glassware

The decorative glass products of the enterprise “Severny Reid” in Severodvinsk were awarded with the special certificates of “Arkhangelsk Quality” exhibition. Now the enterprise will be able to represent the region in the federal competition “100 Best Russian Products”. Decorative sets “Isaac Cathedral”, “Dagger”, “Crown”, “Sledge” and many others are well know in the northern region and in Russia.

Foreign partners form Germany, the USA, Holland and other countries are very interested in unique technologies of the enterprise. The products of “Severny Reid” are presented in details at web site. The samples of glassware of unique design you can see at at this web link.

“Severny Reid” was the first enterprise in Russia that designed and mastered the output of gift sets of glassware on wooden trays.The names of these sets reflect symbols of Russian culture (“Solovetsky Kremlin”, “Bell” etc.).More detail you can find at this web link. The souvenir products of “Severny Reid” are the leading ones among the others of the prestigious competitions. This year enterprises form thirteen areas such as Primorsky, Velskiy, and Plesetskiy and some towns of Arkhangelsk region (Arkhangelsk, Novodvinsk, Severodvinsk and Kotlas) participated in “Arkhangelsk Quality” exhibition.

There were 87 enterprises that produce food products, consumer goods, technical and industrial goods, productions of handicrafts and art goods, goods for population services in tourism, sport and medicine.

The aim of the exhibition was to promote enterprises for improving the quality of their services and manufactured products, to advance the commodity producers responsibility for the quality of manufactured products, to develop the competitive production and strengthen of economic ties.

Now the winners of this competition will be able to represent the region in the federal competition “100 Best Russian Products” in Moscow.

From the 14th till 18th of September the products of “Severny Reid” will be presented in “Margaritinskaya Fair”, Arkhangelsk.