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Pakistan is ready for cooperation with New Delhi

Pervez Musharraf has assured Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh of full cooperation in the investigation over the New Delhi blasts which killed 62 people last Saturday, according to Pakistan's foreign office.

The Pakistani leader said that action would be taken if any evidence was shared with Pakistan. "We do expect that the government of India will share the evidence, if there is any, of involvement of elements in Pakistan," Pakistan's foreign office spokesperson, Tasnim Aslam said.

On the issue of the demilitarisation of the entire Kashmir region, as advocated by Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, Tasnim Aslam said: “If India is agreeable to the idea, there can be further discussions, as some groundwork needs to be done.”

As for the opening of five points on the Line of Control in Kashmir, scheduled for Novermber 7 in order to aid relief operations, Aslam said that Pakistan believes "this is a big step for Kashmiris and it will make things easier for them.”

She added that the measure was meant purely to provide Kashmiris with comfort, particularly in such hard times, AKI reports.