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New cases of bird flu record in Siberia

New bird flu cases have been recorded in chickens and ducks in a Siberian region that was hit by the disease in recent months, Russian officials said Thursday.

About 90 birds have died in the village of Rotovka in the Omsk region. Tests showed the birds had the same H5N1 strain of avian flu that has devastated flocks in Asia since 2003 and hit areas in Russia's Siberia and the Urals in recent months, Boris Mishkin, the head of the regional branch of Russia's veterinary service, said in a telephone interview.

Local authorities have imposed a quarantine in the village located some 2,500 kilometers (1,550 miles) east of Moscow and were considering whether to kill all 3,300 birds there, Mishkin said.

Last week, bird flu spread west of the Ural Mountains, hitting the village of Yandovka, about 350 kilometers (200 miles) south of Moscow. Authorities have culled all birds in that village.

No people have been infected by bird flu in Russia, reports the AP. I.L.