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Unique artillery guns are cut up for metal in Primorie region

A brigade of ‘metal-hunters” started cutting up the unique guns on the positions of former аrtillery division on Gamov island in Primorie region.

The brigade of workers has a truck, a truck crane and a bulldozer. Due to the interference of the public, their work was postponed for one day.

The workers say that the spot of the land had been sold, but failed to produce documents proving this.

The artillery division fort on Gamov island was one of the oldest in the region. In was constructed there in the 1930s to defend Vladivostok. However, in the 90s the division was dissolved, but the guns were preserved on the spot. The local government made the decision to guard the object as historical site.

According to local activist Victor Gorlach, the attempts to cut the unique gun for metal have been made since this spring.