Phone number deficit of "VimpelCom" has to do with poor managerial work

Federal communications agency (FCA) considers that the lack of "VimpelCom" phone numbers has to do with the company's poor managerial work.

"We do not understand "VimpelCom's" discontent that is being reported by the media. Here one can clearly see how they attempt to burden others with their problems," states the FCA report, signed by the agency's assistant director Andrei Beskorovainy.

The document notes that issue distribution has been delayed due to certain object problems. Apparently, the Ministry of Communications had encountered those problems in the process of the governing structure change within the framework of an administrative reform.

"Actually, the ministry could postpone the number distribution to operators based on absolutely legitimate grounds," states the report.

From the formal standpoint, this could be done only after the Russian Duma delegates make all the necessary amendments to the Tax Code, which aims at establishing order in taxation for the phone numbers, mentions the document.

"The fact that the numbers have been provided to the cell phone operators before the changes in the legislature is all thanks to the ministry," emphasizes the report.

The Ministry of Communications has come up forward to meet the companies' needs; it fully realizes that further delay will result in negative consequences, preventing people from using mobile means of communication. This will also affect the work of business operators, stated Beskorovainy.

At the same time, FCA states that all operators who've been experiencing serious lack of phone numbers, have been satisfied "on absolutely equitable basis".

"The ministry is not the place to look for the root of all the problems of "VimpelCom" concerning sharp deficit of numbers. This has mainly to do with the company's rather poor managerial work, which allowed for such serious miscalculations in the first place," considers FCA.

A number of Russian cell operators have been faced with the problem of the lack of numbers this summer. "VimpelCom" was the one to suffer the most. One of the reasons of the number deficit is the fact that the company has not adopted a separate system of codes for each region of the Russian Federation. The company has run out of numbers with federal codes 903 and 905. "VimpelCom" has filed a claim to the Ministry of Communications asking to provide it with additional numerical capacity. On August 17th the Federal Communications Agency released a permission allowing the company to use 4 million numbers within the code of 906. A few days after, the agency supplied the company with additional 1,6 million numbers.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team