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Stock market mixed

The Russian stock market is mixed today. Mosenergo is enjoying demand on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange with a 5.89-percent rise while Rostelecom and Norilsk Nickel retreated 1 percent and YUKOS dropped 2.79 percent. On the RTS exchange, Mosenergo grew 5.4 percent while YUKOS lost 4.9 percent.

The crashes of two passenger jets reminded traders of terrorist threats. Under the current situation, shares may correct downwards after two days of growth, an Aton Capital analyst believes. It is hard to say how long this downward tendency will last. However, it is highly possible that the market will resume growth, which is testified to by the continuing rally of bonds. Large portfolio investors are again interested in Russian securities with fixed yield, so they may turn their attention to shares as well, an expert noted.