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U.S. planes which went missing during WWII searched for in Kamchatka

The Russian-U.S. commission seeking prisoners of war and the missing has resumed, on Monday, the search for American planes, which crashed on the Kamchatka peninsula (Far East) during World War II. The expedition will be working until August 27.

The expedition comprises eight people and helicopters of the North-Eastern regional border department of the Russian Federal Security Service, the administration of the Kamchatka region reported.

The Russian-U.S. expedition has been working in Kamchatka for the third summer already. Last year it found not only a crashed American plane but also remains of pilots and their belongings.

During World War II, when the U.S. and USSR were allies, American warplanes flew via Kamchatka to bomb the Northern Kurile Islands, which belonged to Japan at that time.

Many U.S. planes, which were damaged during the bombing of Japanese fortifications, failed to reach air fields and crashed in Kamchatka's south.

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