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The reaction of Russian foreign ministry to Tbilisi's threats to sink civil ships

The Georgian foreign ministry considers the reaction of the Russian foreign ministry to Tbilisi's threats to sink civil ships to be "aggressive and inadequate".

"The warning by the Georgian leaders not to let foreign ships into the water area of Sukhumi (capital of the self-proclaimed republic of Abkhazia) without Tbilisi's consent caused an aggressive and inadequate reaction of the Russian foreign ministry," says the official statement by the Georgian foreign ministry.

The Georgian foreign ministry refers to the norms of the International Law of the Sea, the agreement of the CIS heads of state of January 19, 1996 and the decree of the Georgian president of January 31, 1996 under which the sea port of Sukhumi, its port points and water area have been declared closed.

Tuesday evening, Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili told the press that he had ordered to open fire at the ships that would try to enter the Abkhazian water area of Georgia' territorial waters bypassing Tbilisi and sink them.

"I want Russian tourists to pay special attention to my words... If you want today to come to Abkhazia from Sochi by motor boats, then you must reconcile yourselves with what happened last Saturday when Georgian border-guards opened fire at a ship", said the Georgian president.

In connection with Georgia's threats to Russian tourists, the press and information department of the Russian foreign ministry circulated an official statement which says: "The Russian side is warning that any attempts to cause damage, the more so, encroach on the life of Russian citizens will meet with due rebuff".

In the opinion of the Russian foreign ministry, Tbilisi has taken an unprecedented step - has issued a threat "to open fire at and sink all ships that appear off the Abkhazian coast".

The Russian foreign ministry draws attention to the fact that this warning is addressed to the Russian tourists who come on excursions from Sochi to Novy Afon and Sukhumi by sea. "Such statements show that Tbilisi is beginning to lose a sense of the reality where the modern world lives", says the statement by the Russian foreign ministry.

The Russian foreign ministry supposes that Tbilisi "is building its policy and plans, counting only on the use or threat of force, including against civil vessels". "Threats are a bad method. It shows that Georgia is demonstrating the inability to solve the problems facing the country, including those related to ethnic conflicts, and evidently, does not want to enter into a peaceful dialog in order to settle them and is unprepared to do this," stresses the report.

The Russian foreign ministry considers that Tbilisi "must be fully aware of its own words s and realize its responsibility when the point at issue is human lives".