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Large attendance expected at Air Festival in Zhukovsky

The organizers of the First International Air Festival, which will be held in Zhukovsky (Moscow region) from August 13 to 15, said Wednesday during a press conference in RIA Novosti that they expected up to 150,000 people to visit the show each day.

The organizers assured the audience that all possible measures would be taken so that the visitors would not have any transportation problems. The number of suburban electric trains and buses will be increased and "their schedule will be improved in comparison with the last year." Apart from that, there will be free parking in near-by Bykovo.

According to chief of the Gromov state enterprise Vyacheslav Bakayev, this year the organizers of the air show will take unprecedented measures to ensure safe flights. The airplanes and all of their systems will be controlled both from the ground and in the air.

Mr. Bakayev said ensuring public safety, especially from terrorists, was very important to the organizers.

He assured the audience that the security measures being taken were sufficient for the size of the festival.