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Russian-Italian cooperation is an important factor of European stability and security

Russian-Italian cooperation is an important factor of European stability and security, Russian Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov said at the meeting with Italian Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu in Moscow.

Mr. Ivanov pointed out active political dialogue, above all at the level of Presidents and Prime Ministers. Our cooperation meets both bilateral and European interests, he noted.

Moreover, he focused on a high level of Russian-Italian interaction to combat "new threats and challenges".

"We see many possibilities for cooperation in this sphere at the bilateral and multilateral levels, including NATO, the European Union and, first of all, the UN," Igor Ivanov said.

He spoke about the developing cooperation between the law enforcement bodies of the two countries (interior and justice ministries). Russia is interested in promotion of this cooperation in all fields, Igor Ivanov stressed.

Italian Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu pointed out a high level of Russian-Italian anti-terrorist cooperation and expressed hope for its further development.

The minister recollected the agreement, which was signed with Igor Ivanov in November 2003 and has started yielding good results.

The sides considered the extension of some items of the agreement, he added.

Mr. Pisanu is convinced that Russia and Italy will achieve more success in joint fight against international terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking, illegal arms trade and slave-trade.

He focused on "a high level of the two countries' cooperation in the security sphere". He also gave Silvio Berlusconi's regards to Igor Ivanov. "We would like to emphasize that Italy adheres to its NATO and EU membership but remains Russia's good friend," Giuseppe Pisanu stressed.

In addition, the sides discussed joint liquidation of disaster consequences, in particular, forest fires, in compliance with the agreement between the Russian President and Italian Prime Minister, said the press service of the Russian Security Council.