Engines to become more efficient

An extremely efficient continuously variable car transmission has been developed by a research team headed by professor Nurbey Gulia in a department of the Moscow State Industrial University, says the Khimiya i zhizn (Chemistry and Life) magazine.

The transmission is used for varying engine's torque and rate of turn depending on the car's speed. However, the unlimited increase in the number of steps is impossible, because the transmission gets too complicated. A solution of this problem lies in designing continuously variable transmissions, those being variators, electric, hydrodynamic and mechanical transmissions.

The new variator invented by the Russian scientists features fantastically high efficiency factor of about 0.98, which is unapproachable for other types of continuously variable transmissions. Such effect is achieved through a special design of the variator and its adaptability to any speed. The device operates by means of compressed air.

The device developed by the Moscow scientists approaches in its main performances - the efficiency factor and the range of varying the gear transmission ratio - the top limit for any continuously variable car transmissions. This is the best drive for power machines incorporating heat engine.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team