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Petrol prices keep growing in Russia

From July 12 to 19 average petrol consumption prices grew by 0.2% and by 1.7% since the beginning of this month, the Federal State Statistics Service reported.

The prices of A-76 (AI-80, etc.) and AI-92 (AI-93, etc.) petrol and AI-95 (and higher grades) petrol grew by 0.2% and 0.1% correspondingly. Average consumption petrol price totaled 12.34 rubles ($1=29 rubles) per liter in this period, while the above-mentioned grades cost 10.65, 13.16 and 14.33 rubles per liter.

According to the statistics service, last week average petrol prices grew in 26 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, above all in Ryazan (by 2.1%). For instance, AI-92 petrol prices were increased by 2.3%.

In 58 constituent entities petrol prices remained unchanged.

Petrol prices have fallen in four administrative centers of the Russian Federation, first of all, in Krasnoyarsk (by 0.5%). AI-92 petrol prices fell by 1% in this East Siberian region.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg petrol prices haven't changed, the service said.

Last week primary oil processing decreased by 1% against the previous week and petroleum production grew by 2.6% up to 594,000 tons.