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Historical justice restored, Todorovsky says

Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to replace the name of hero-city Volgograd with Stalingrad (it was the city's name during the Great Patriotic War) near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by the Kremlin wall in Moscow.

Russian film director, composer and war veteran Pyotr Todorovsky commented on this decision to the Noviye Izvestia newspaper.

Stalingrad is a symbol of one of the most prominent battles and greatest victories on the Earth, he said. Therefore, this decision restores historical justice, he added.

During the battle soldiers defended not 'Stalin's city' but their Motherland. According to Pyotr Todorovsky, the city itself should not be renamed. "It's time to live in peace with our past," the director stressed.

Getting ready for the 60th anniversary of the Victory, the authorities should give more attention to people, who defended this country during the Great Patriotic War, he noted.