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Altai center to analyze the U.S. sanctions

After thorough analysis of the situation, the Altai federal scientific and production center will determine its possible response to the economic sanctions the U.S. State Department imposed on the center, said the center's first deputy general director, Nikolai Dochilov.

"We need time to analyze the situation and determine our future actions," he said.

According to information published Thursday in the U.S. Federal Register, the decision to impose sanctions on the center was made by the State Department's Bureau of Nonproliferation on July 15 and the following day was put into writing and signed by Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Nonproliferation Susan Burk.

The document asserts that the center engaged in proliferation of missile technologies and that economic sanctions were required.

These sanctions include denying the center new exports licenses for deals with American partners and the United States for two years.

The center's main products are explosive substances, composite materials, ultra-dispersive diamonds and the corresponding technology, fire fighting devices, instrument engineering, automated workstations and medical drugs.