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Russians polled on banking-crisis factors

The Public Opinion foundation polled Russian citizens on the essence of the banking sector's problems. The breakdown follows below.

59% of all Russian citizens either know or have heard that some Russian banks had faced problems. 32% of the pollees agreed to discuss the gist of banking-sector problems.

Most of them (8%) believe that frauds, machinations and the deception of bank clients have caused this crisis.

Another 7% merely say that some banks have gone broke, and that they don't pay their clients.

3% believe that the crisis was provoked by major banks, which wanted to "swallow" their weaker rivals.

Another 3% explain the banking crisis by state policies and those of the Central Bank. At the same time, some people suspect that the Central Bank facilitates the transfer of deposits from other banks to the Savings Bank. However, this joint-stock bank is controlled by the state.

Three more percent of the pollees believe that the banking crisis is facilitated by the objective economic situation, rather than malicious intent on the part of Russian authorities or big-league banks.

An additional three percent explain the banking crisis by the fact that people don't trust local banks, withdrawing their deposits at first signs of trouble. Although, this only serves to destabilize the situation.

And, finally, 1% believe that many banks employ incompetent people, who implement wrong policies, which in turn, cause various problems, bankruptcies included.

Russia's urban and rural dwellers are being polled at 100 populated localities in 44 regions, territories and republics late this July.