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Special elevators for disabled in Moscow metro

All Moscow metro stations currently under construction and future ones will have special elevators for disabled people and passengers with baby carriages.

Moscow City Hall told RIA Novosti that by the end of this year, elevators would be installed at three light metro stations in Butovo and then six stations of the monorail that links the Russian Exhibition Center with Timiryazevskaya Ulitsa. At the end of next year, elevators will be installed at eight stations on the Solntsevo line, which is now under construction. In the future, the majority of the Moscow metro stations will be equipped with elevators.

Aside from elevators, special ramps will be constructed on metro platforms to make it easier for disabled people to enter a metro car on a wheel chair. The limit lines on the platforms will be made clearer for the convenience of people with bad eyesight.

Moreover, the Moscow government intends to make it easier for disabled people to walk in the city. A special system will be put in to make it easier for people with poor eyesight to orient themselves in the Moscow. Special devices that transmit all kinds of information will be installed in underpasses and railway and metro stations.

In the next three years, 32 special display panels will be installed in Moscow-speaking panels for the blind and text display panels for the deaf.