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10 candidates to run for Chechen presidency, Veshnyakov forecasts

About ten candidates will run for Chechen presidency, Alexander Veshnyakov, head of the Russian Central Election Commission, told the Ekho Moskvy live on Monday.

"All in all, 13 people submitted registration papers to the Chechen Election Commission," he said.

"On Friday or Saturday the Republic's election commission is to complete the examination of papers and make the decision on registration of all candidates for Chechen presidency," Mr. Veshnyakov noted.

He is convinced that "the early elections of the Chechen president are necessary". "There were many appeals to cancel them, however, we cannot neglect the Constitution, the only legal document in Chechnya," he stressed.

Alexander Veshnyakov called not to yield to terrorists' provocations.

"Democracy is the only way to solve Chechen problems," he stressed. We shall have enough forces, means and possibilities to provide security during the election campaign, the CEC head said.

The early presidential elections will be held in Chechnya in August 29 in connection with President Akhmad Kadyrov's death in Grozny on May 9.