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United Russia Party official killed in Chechnya

A gang that acted in Avtury is involved with the murder of Tamara Khadzhiyeva, the leader of a United Russia party office of Chechnya's Shali district, RIA Novosti was told in the republic's prosecutor's office on Sunday.

He specified that by now, this gang has been dispersed "but some elements remained."

Early on Sunday, three unknown people in masks and camouflage uniforms broke into Khadzhiyeva's house and killed her with three shots.

"Criminal proceedings have been launched," said the source.

In his words, Khadzhiyeva's professional activity is one of the main versions explaining her murder: her active work and cooperation with federal authorities.

The prosecutor's office said Khadzhiyeva has headed the United Russia Shali office since its opening in 2002.

"For the last three months, two of her close relations - Shali internal affairs department officers - have been killed," stressed the source.