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Majority of Russians against reunification of Orthodox and Catholic Churches

950 years ago, in 1054, the Christian Church was finally divided into the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. In the past few years the question of establishing closer relations between these two confessions and even of reuniting them was raised from time to time.

At the end of June, this year, the ROMIR Monitoring independent research holding company (Russian public opinion and market studies), which represents Russia in the world famous Gallup International association, conducted a representative public survey in Russia concerning the attitude of its citizens to this problem. Altogether 2,000 adults were polled in all regions of the country.

The overwhelming majority of the Russians (69%) believe that the two Churches must exist separately. And only 17% of the respondents share the opinion that the Churches should make efforts for reunification.

Women and the respondents with a level of education and incomes higher than a medium one stand on a toughest position.