Even after attack acting Chechen president believes the situation is normal

Acting Chechen President Sergei Abramov does not think that the situation in the republic has aggravated.

"There is no aggravation, there are only some attempts of the irreconcilable separatists to demonstrate to their bosses that they have at least some influence in the territory of the Chechen republic," Sergei Abramov said, speaking live on the NTV last evening.

On Tuesday, an explosive device went out in Grozny when the motorcade , in which there was the car of Sergei Abramov, was passing by. One man died and two were injured. Experts believe that Abramov remained safe only thanks to the high speed of his car. He said that was his working tour with civil engineers from Moscow. "Under one of the cars in the column a remote-controlled ground bomb exploded," he said.

Answering the question whether it was an attempt on his life and whether he received threats earlier, the acting President said: "No, I did not receive any threats." Yet, he did not exclude that as the head of the executive power and the acting President he might stand on somebody's way.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Chechen prosecutor Vladimir Kravchenko said that it would be premature to assert that the terrorist act was aimed against the acting President of the republic.

As a result of the explosion, Abramov's councillor Andrei Alexintsev and staff member of the Chechen presidential security service Zhamirz Baimuradov were injured. Sergei Tsyplin from the Federal Guard Service died," the prosecutor said.

On May 9 (Victory Day in Russia), this year, Chechen President Ahmad Kadyrov died during the holiday event when an artillery ground bomb was blasted at the Dynamo stadium in Grozny. And though Sergei Abramov does not contend for the presidency, quite possible that the separatists are trying to destabilise the situation in the republic and frustrate the presidential elections scheduled for August 29.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team