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President of the Russian Bank Association assures there is no crisis

President of the Russian Bank Association Garegin Tosunyan stated during today’s press-conference that people are no longer alarmed about their bank accounts. “They have understood that their rights are protected,” said Tosunyan. According to him, lawmakers have made important steps towards defending investors’ interests. Namely, they have guaranteed bank deposits in all banks, including those that will not be included in the deposit insurance system.

“There is nothing to be worried about,” said Tosunyan. He also suggested everyone with bank accounts to take some time off and enjoy summer.

First vice president of BIN Bank Sergey Maryin in turn has stated that all of the temporary blocked bank credit limits will soon be restored. According to him, among 40 banks with which BIN Bank has been working actively, such credit limits were applied to 10-15 of them (RIA “Novosti”).