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Blasts wound a military, kill a woman

An anti-personnel mine went off in Chechnya's Vedeno district injuring one man of a Russian Defence Ministry reconnaissance group, a source in the headquarters of the Unified Group of Forces in the North Caucasus told RIA Novosti on Monday.

The incident occurred at about 11 a.m. Moscow time near the village of Agishbatoi yesterday.

"The reconnaissance group was conducting a search operation near the village. One serviceman was wounded in the blast and hospitalised," said the source.

A local woman died of a blast in the Urus Martan district, according to a source in the district's interior department.

The blast went off near the village of Goity Urus yesterday. "The blast went off near the house of Suleimanova, a resident of the village," said the officer.

Suleimanova died of wounds on the spot.

"Experts believe an improvised bomb exploded near her home. Investigation into the incident was opened," said the interior department.