Russia's Foreign Ministry issues statement on South Ossetia

Russia's foreign ministry has urged to stop activities igniting tensions around South Ossetia.

"To stop activities that ignite tensions and resume talks in strict compliance with available agreements and in line with the peace arrangements created by the parties to the conflict themselves are the only possible option," reads the Russian foreign ministry's statement on the situation surrounding South Ossetia.

"Russia proposes that peace talks should resume within the framework of the Mixed Control Commission. Russia is prepared to promote normality in the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict zone," reads the document.

The ministry points to alarming reports from the conflict zone. Georgia's commando units are pulling up to the administrative border with South Ossetia. Skirmishes erupt occasionally and Georgia threatens to launch a military operation against Tskhinvali. "These developments resemble the start of a dangerous scenario," said the ministry.

The situation in the conflict zone had been under control over the past few years largely thanks to an unprecedented peacekeeping operation that engaged Russian peacemakers, according to the foreign ministry.

"Unfortunately tensions have aggravated recently. The main reason for that is Georgia's unwillingness to fulfil agreements that were reached within the Mixed Control Commission and the commission's decisions dd June 2, 2004," said the ministry.

"The methods employed by Tbilisi include provocative acts that engage military units and massive propaganda. Although making peaceful declarations Tbilisi makes it clear that it may use force to settle conflicts on Georgian territory. Moreover, it is taking steps to thwart the activities of the mixed commission which was established as a political settlement tool."

"Russia cannot remain indifferent to the destiny of Russian nationals who make the majority of South Ossetia's population. It is set to promote their interests and security," the Russian foreign ministry said in the statement.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team