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Presidential campaign in Chechnya is hot time for terrorists

The presidential campaign in Chechnya can provoke new terrorist activities in Russia's south, the Russian President's authorized representative Vladimir Yakovlev said following the meeting with acting Chechen President Sergei Abramov and Vice Premier Ramzan Kadyrov in Kislovodsk (Stavropol territory) on Friday.

According to Yakovlev, election campaigns often cause negative events or pressure on this or that candidate.

Militants will be active in Chechnya, Ingushetia and other regions in Russia's south, he noted. Mr. Yakovlev is concerned about the information on military units and hostage taking.

The law enforcement bodies should work more precisely and actively under these conditions, the authorized representative said.

Meanwhile, the election campaign in Chechnya faces no problems, Vladimir Yakovlev stressed.

Chairman of the Russian Central Election Commission Alexander Veshnyakov confirmed it, as well, Mr. Yakovlev reported.

The early presidential elections will take place in Chechnya on August 29 in connection with former President Akhmad Kadyrov's death on May 9, 2004. Chechen Interior Minister Alu Alkhanov is the favorite of the election campaign. He is believed to be backed by the Kremlin.